Reduce turnover.

Increase guest loyalty.

Empower service staff.

All in one place.

It's About Time

Get your shift together.

With a gamified, person-first approach, Shifty arms service staff with solutions to training, communication, and scheduling. We make it a total breeze to get your @#$%! together, the Shifty way.

Founder's Story

Time Tested,

Employee Approved

Derived from a tried and true training method developed by the founder over the course of 30 years. Using Shifty methodology, Beth Hussey has successfully trained thousands of staff members, with an average employment of 2 years. What more proof do you need?

Measurable & effective

Every restaurant can benefit from providing service staff with the information they need at the start of every shift and at critical moments. Shifty takes away the pain and easily delivers these vital details.


Shifty streamlines training by facilitating the tag-along training method and uses classic, fundamental memorizing techniques and gamification.

Human-Centered, always

We provide a resource - not a replacement. Shifty is unique in that it is a tool for the trainer, as much as it is for the trainee. Shifty empowers the trainers to educate new employees with confidence.


A great first impression for your employees is equally as important as it is for your guests. When everyone knows exactly what to do, the employee feels like they've made a good decision and they're in good hands, directly impacting their impression on your customers.


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