Communicate effectively with your staff.


Gather everyone together without actually needing to gather them together. Using Announcements as a Pre-shift solves arguably one of the most difficult daily tasks for a shift manager

  • See who has and has not read and acknowledged a message
  • Schedule a message with a specific start and end date and time so pertinent information is received in a timely manner
  • Choose to send a message to all employees, individual employees, or specific departments

Surveys and Polls

Gathering feedback is a great way to engage your staff and collect crucial insights.

  • Create a poll and have your staff vote on on any subject, including them in the decision making process
  • Surveys provide an opportunity for you to gain valuable insight and allow your staff to share their thoughts

Anonymous Suggestion Box

Give people a voice in a time when they need to be heard. A truly anonymous opportunity for employees to share their thoughts, feelings, feedback, and insight delivered discreetly via email.