Don't just take it from us.

Bobcat Bonnies

"As a generation that uses technology quickly and efficiently, we love using Shifty because it’s so easy to use! Our staff is already on a screen as is- so why not bring a fun, unique training tool to them in a way they will respond well to! We love using Shifty and hope others try it out too!!"

Matthew Buskard

Eastern Palace Club

"It’s the only bill coming through that I’m happy to pay. Shifty is awesome!"

Dustin Leslie

Demeter & Co.

"I’m so impressed with the innovation and thought that went into creating the Shifty platform. It is clear the folks that developed Shifty have a deep understanding of not only the restaurant industry, but also how to utilize technology in a seamless way - reaching servers and bartenders where they spend the most time, on their phones. Shifty has tremendous potential to change how we think about employee engagement and training. I predict Shifty will be a game changer for how Restaurant Operators interact with their servers, and how the modern beverage supplier builds brands."

Ken Ruff
Head of On-Premise

Union Joints

"We made the decision at Union Joints to use Shifty for the first time at our newest location, Union Rec in Ann Arbor. We are happy to say that having Shifty as a training tool during a new Joint opening allowed us to shave days off of our opening training schedule as well as hours in each day of training. The ability for the team to have all of the training materials, flight plans, floor plans, being able to review the menu and take tests proved to be a ‘game changer’ in both the back of the house as well as in the front of the house during and after the initial training. Also, having the ability to update Shifty at a moment’s notice continue’s to allow us to train more effectively."

Matt Foyteck
Task Force Manager

The Whitney House

"This is an invaluable tool - not only for training, but for everyday interaction with guests and staff. Shifty has filled the void that was in the market for THE modern version to eliminate paper training packets, relying on your trainers without consistent follow up, pre-shift and message follow up, and everyday needs of obtaining product knowledge. Every piece of menu knowledge, allergen information, product information, and staff training is at every staff members fingertips - all the time - with consistent and reliable verification."

Kendré Bosse