Employee satisfaction begins with great training

Training Shift

Train with confidence

Give trainers the tools and information they need to effectively train new employees. Improving on the tried and true follow or “shadow shift” method, Training Shift increases confidence in the training journey for both the trainer and trainee.

  • Realtime checklists ensure nothing is missed
  • Resource Library for extended training materials
  • Maintains human to human interaction where other digital training methods do not
  • Communicates clear and concise expectations
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Easy learning

Flashcards are scientifically proven to be one of the most effective learning methods. Small bites of key information can be taught, learned, and memorized easily and simply with high retention.

  • Each training shift is accompanied by a specific flashcard deck to strategically bolster what was learned during the shift
  • Build custom decks for specific practice with tags, filters, and stars
  • Flashcard builder allows you to create additional flashcards on the fly
  • Optional flashcard testing ties the shift and flashcards together with face to face human interaction
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Flashcard Testing

The flashcard test is where the magic lies. Your opportunity to have a personal connection with your new employee, building confidence and taking away the stress of a formal test, ultimately leading to greater retention.

  • Face to face human interaction gives you insight into your new hire’s tableside manner and character.
  • A conversational approach allows the manager or trainer to further the employees knowledge and understanding by injecting their own personal experiences
  • Easy, automated test assignment at the completion of every training shift

Pop Quiz

Pop Quiz is a great tool for continuing education for your staff, everything from brushing up on steps of service to how well they know the newest menu item. Create and send a new quiz on a whim, keeping your employees on their toes at all times.

  • Create a quiz using a combination of True/False or Multiple Choice questions
  • Assign a quiz to all staff, a certain department, or an individual(s)
  • Set a passing score to automatically Pass/Fail the quiz, saving you time in quickly understanding your staff’s proficiency

POS Training

Solution specific pre-built trainings expedite onboarding new employees, simplifying one of the most challenging aspects of new hire training, reducing costly mistakes.


Gain insight into your organization’s training progress, giving you realtime and historical data of your staff’s training performance.