The most important details about the most important thing.

Dietary Types and Allergens

Restaurants have the obligation to communicate what ingredients are in their menu items so guests can make the correct choice for themselves. The innovative allergen and diet filter puts that information in the palm of your servers hands.

  • Easily update allergens and dietary types as menus change
  • Directly address guests’ inquiries - no more running back to the kitchen to ask the chef!
  • Filter and search feature quickly finds options for a guest (or multiple guests!) with restrictions
  • Add custom tags to menu items to further assist the serving staff

Food and Beverage Menu

Deliver every bit of information the employee needs to be able to effectively take the guests order and answer any questions they may have.

  • A complete menu solution including sub-menu items and core products
  • Organize and display your menu using categories and tags
  • Use any term to easily find what you are looking for with dynamic search


Keep your recipes readily available and accessible, whether it’s for a sauce or a cocktail.

  • Link a recipe directly to a menu item or sub-menu item
  • Simply keep recipes up to date, or make minor adjustments on the fly