A non-traditional approach to scheduling

Auto Schedule

AI powered scheduling

Take the work out of scheduling by using AI to intelligently schedule your employees for you, cutting the time it takes to make the schedule down to minutes.

  • One button click fills in your whole schedule based on a number of factors to put “aces in places”, leaving only minor changes up to you
  • Learns your scheduling preferences over time to more effectively predict future schedules
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Dream Schedule

Work when you want to

Understanding your employees’ preferred schedule is a large part of creating a healthy work environment. Dream Schedule gives your employees the ability to communicate not only when they are available, but also when and how much they want to work.

  • Employees can set their availability, and then choose what days and times they prefer to be scheduled
  • Managers have visibility to quickly see who prefers to work what shifts when making the schedule
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Handling shift rotations is an important and necessary part of an effective schedule, but few platforms tackle this effectively. Shifty (finally!) handles rotating easily with purpose built functionality for in-times, sections, parties, etc.

Shift Swapping

We take shift swapping one step further, and suggest and inform the most likely team member to swap with. Managers are notified in-app to quickly approve change requests.

Shift Groups

Ditch the spreadsheet mentality with Shifty's innovative approach using Shift Groups to more effectively organize and visualize your staffing needs per department. Staggered in-times and labor forecasting, as well as other key insights help you make the most effective schedule.

Tagging and Rating

Tag shifts with any unique tag you create, such as Opener, Closer, Section 1, Party, etc. to clearly communicate important specifics. Rate shifts by priority and employees by stars to put “aces in places” and get the most out of every shift.